Paediatric dentistry or pedodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the prevention of jaw irregularities and conditions, teeth treatment in children, as well as the promotion of health education. According to the definition of the World Health Organization, health education is an active process of teaching and training an individual and community how to use the gained knowledge about mental, physical and social health.

A pediatric dentist promotes the health of the oral cavity among children, and they are also a source of information for parents. It is recommended that the first visit to the dentist should be six months after the first tooth has grown in or during the first age. The reason lies in the fact that early dental check-ups can help to reveal early caries. Early detection is essential for oral healthcare, modification of bad habits, and the treatment itself is more simple. Parents are given instructions on preventive measures for the preservation (brushing, flossing, applying fluoride), a caries risk assessment, and advice on the prevention of injuries in the region of the face and jaws.
Tooth fluoridation is a procedure that, together with oral hygiene, makes an important part of caries prevention in children and adults. It can start as soon as the first deciduous tooth appears. It consists of a controlled coating of the tooth surface with a concentrated paste containing fluoride. The incorporation of fluoride into the crystal structure of the enamel makes it stronger and more resistant to demineralisation.
Children are not born with the fear of dentists, but they are afraid of the unknown. Due to that, first visits need to be pleasant so that children give us trust during future visits. Children get to know the instruments and workplace, they are allowed to touch and feel everything that will be used for work. Our team of doctors invest a lot of effort and dedication to young patients to describe the treatment that is planned. As for the treatment of deciduous teeth, we apply the latest medicines and materials whose features enable us to work with children more efficiently.