Laser BIOLASE Epic X. “Family Dentist B” dental office always follows the latest trends and tries to keep up with the time and state-of-the-art technology. The latest technological item in our dental office is the brand-new Biolase Epic X laser.

Biolase Epic X diode laser is a new and innovative device with a new software technology on the market. It offers instant access, quick whitening, and extraordinary flexibility, together with its features such as a pain treatment regime and advanced features for greater comfort of the patient.
Biolase Epic X was made to be the most versatile diode laser on the market.
It has a wide range of indications for working with soft tissues, and another advantage, compared to other lasers on the market, is its feature to be ready for use in just two seconds. Besides, this laser has a unique feature of treating the temporomandibular joint.
The characteristics of Biolase Epic X laser are:
The fastest in-office teeth whitening
ComfortPulse™ technology that prevents overheating - unique among the lasers on the market.
Temporomandibular joint treatment and pain management - unique among the lasers on the market
The new diode laser, EPIC X - BIOLASE, has daily use during surgical interventions for periodontal, endodontic and aesthetic purposes.

Therapeutic indications:
Inflamed gums treatment and periodontitis
Peri-implantitis treatment
Frenectomy and incision of buccal abscesses
Alveolar ridge levelling
Mucosa circumcision around the wisdom teeth and teeth that have not grown in
Efficient root canal treatment
Pre-prosthetic gum preparation and smile line return
Rehabilitation of inflammatory conditions of the gums around crowns and bridges
Clinical crown lengthening
Exposed tooth necks desensitisation
Treatment of pain in jaw joints and muscles
Treatment of canker sores, herpes, lichen planus and other painful mucous membrane irritations
Treatment of tingling and burning mouth (stomatodynia and stomatopyrosis)
Treatment of allergic conditions in the mouth
Mouth fibroids and papillomas removal
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