Oral surgery

 Oral surgery is a specialist branch of dentistry that deals with diagnoses and surgical treatment of irregularities and pathological tooth changes, soft tissues, and bone structures in the orofacial region. Oral surgery often finds its purpose in other dentistry fields, so it is used in the preparation for other types of interventions in the spheres of implantology and orthodontics.

Oral surgery includes routine tooth extraction, complicated tooth extraction, residual tooth root removal, bone growth removal, soft tissue correction, periapical lesions, cysts, as well as changes in jawbones...
Most patients feel fear and discomfort when it comes to oral surgery, whereas the reality is that with anaesthesia and doctor’s instructions on the postsurgical period, everything can end without any problems and all the existing fears become unreasonable. Seen from a different angle, oral surgery can remove all feelings of discomfort that patients have.